The Final Push Towards Quality


This is my recent attempt to shed light on how to do error handling and alerting properly to reach the highest hights in product quality.

Feel free to download and use presentation slides and the printable cheat sheet. Let me know if you find ways to improve one or the other!



Become a great presenter

I'm passionate about presenting and inspiring. I love to explain things in a concise and clear way. When making presentations, I try to begin with "why?" and never put more than a few words per slide.
My recent writing. A startup within a company

Write a book

I would love to write a book at some point in time. Something useful and wise :D. I practice writing and read to increase chances of this happening.

Revolutionize management

I would love to disrupt the managerial world. I don't like the idea of management. Somehow families work without management. I hope to find a way to organize big companies around natural leaders without managerial titles.

Recently read books

I don't like books. But sometimes I like the information in them.
Mangirdas Skripka read books



Team management

I know how to manage a team of developers to make them passionate and productive.

Management style

Full freedom when everything goes well and authoritative in crisis mode.


I'm a past devleoper. I know architecture. Scalability. Front and back technologies. I can compensate if team has no tech lead.

Business oriented

I have had my own startup. I can operate in high stress and a regular corporate calm :D




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