Become a great presenter

I'm passionate about presenting and inspiring. I love to explain things in a concise and clear way. When making presentations, I try to begin with "why?" and never put more than a few words per slide.
My recent bigger writing. A startup within a company

Write a book

I would love to write a book at some point in time. Something useful and wise :D. I practice writing and read to increase chances of this happening.

Revolutionize management

I would love to disrupt the managerial world. I don't like the idea of management. Somehow families work without management. I hope to find a way to organize big companies around natural leaders without managerial titles.

Recently read books

I don't like books. But sometimes I like the information in them.
Mangirdas Skripka read books



Team management

I know how to manage a team of developers to make them passionate and productive.

Management style

Full freedom when everything goes well and authoritative in crisis mode.


I'm a past devleoper. I know architecture. Scalability. Front and back technologies. I can compensate if team has no tech lead.

Business oriented

I have had my own startup. I can operate in high stress and a regular corporate calm :D




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